Blogging software: Blogger, Wordpress, and Pelican

What's wrong with Blogger? In this iteration of my blog I've switched away from Blogger. At this point in my life Blogger just bummed me out. A few of my gripes with Blogger: Bland classic themes The newer dynamic (ooh aaah!) themes are a bit ridiculous. I have ... Read full article

A quick dive into Darktable

Full disclosure: I am not a professional photographer or graphic designer. 100% hobbyist. That said, I do try a fair amount of applications for photo editing and use a fair amount of the tools they offer for image manipulation. Consider my thoughts as coming from the perspective of a hobbyist ... Read full article

Guitar Hero-like scrolling music on Ubuntu

This year I began to learn to play the drums. Its been fun but I am not the most dedicated student. Its a hobby and I slack off a lot, but I really would like to get better. I first got interested in the drums when I tried them out ... Read full article